Halloween in the Attic 3D Screensaver

Have you ever wondered what happens in the attic of your house on All Hallows Eve? Are you brave enough to venture into the dark unknown? You'll see it is far from being peaceful and quiet. At night your storage of old and forgotten things turns into a shelter for spooky ghosts, devilish Jack O'Lanterns and other creepy characters. Sneak upstairs and explore the mysteries of the scariest night of the year with this 3D Halloween screensaver.
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25 votes Vote

I think you can improve this screensaver, and all your screensavers by doing one simple thing; have them not access the Internet. All your screensavers look very good and they are competively priced with 3Planesoft; I'd mention RI-Soft, but they shu

James, 24.10.2010, 14:48
8 votes Vote

It would be nice to add support for multiple displays. This is a very interresting saver, though as someone else stated it does gobble up the resources

Tony, 24.10.2010, 13:07
5 votes Vote

to improve the general quality be increasing the graphics qulity of your screen savers inorder to make them more interesting and facinating to look at also consider increasing the length of the screen savers and use more modern effects like dynamic l

Pat, 24.10.2010, 15:05
2 votes Vote

As mentioned by others, don't rewrite newer files with older ones in the system directory. Either give the user a warning a newer file is about to be overwritten, back up overwritten files or better yet, just install them into the program rather than

Geek Gurl, 24.10.2010, 20:51
0 votes Vote

have it work on Windows 7 64 bit...

dbareis, 25.10.2010, 07:00
0 votes Vote

I think it would be nice if I had a choice of music for the screensaver. A choice between cute which is what it has now and maybe creepy? Or something that adds suspense? The images look great by-the-way.

Jibaro, 24.10.2010, 16:59
0 votes Vote

How about you make a screen saver that doesn't change .dll files when installed. What is up with that? After installing your screen saver, none of my other screen savers will work.

kjlintner, 24.10.2010, 21:42